Shemagh Palestinasjal - Ankare

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Classic Shemaghs now with woven anchor sign made of 100% cotton. High quality. Dimensions: 110cm x 110cm. This Shemagh is a traditional headdress, originating in the Middle East / Arab culture evolved from the Arabic turban - and has been used by them for centuries. Nowadays, it is perhaps best known publicly used by Palestinians. To the west and - in military use - the British SAS (Special Air Service) discovered Shemaghs potential for operation in the northern deserts of Africa during WW2. It has been a popular and valuable part of the SAS soldiers equipment ago and has spread from there. Now with woven three crowns logo on this classic shemagh in od.

• as a headdress - keep the sun or snow, wind, sand and dust - the eyes, face and neck

• as a face veil - to hide the face

• as a scarf worn around the neck - retain heat in cold and absorbs sweat / protects the neck in warm and sunny conditions

• as a small umbrella cap while the rest

• as an arm sling - which gives a wounded arm

• as a foot wrap - to replace a lost sock

• as a cover for equipment

• as a towel

• as a short rope...

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